We, Lakrish Industrial Processors LLP, is a Trading/Sourcing Firm established as Lakrish Polymers in the Year 2013 with a view to serve industries that require rubber products. We connected Rubber Technologists who were working at different industries all over India to help us out in making Rubber Compounds based on the specifications that customers required. We started Trading Rubber Compounds initially, then custom rubber moulded parts, rubber sheets, rubber extrusions, which were all outsourced for manufacturing, testing, inspecting, etc., with the help of Rubber Technologists who are able to give suggestions to analyze any defects in manufactured products and address customer complaints in an effective way.

In a span of five years, we were able to learn about the complete process from manufacturing to dispatching quality rubber products to our customers. Presently, we have around 100 manufacturers who are able to produce various kinds of products related to rubber, and quality freelancers who can get the job done for us from producing products to delivering it to customers all over India. We have created a database for procuring raw materials that are cost effective with no compromise in quality, transport agents, packers and movers who all work as freelancers for our Company.

With the above in mind, we entered into the field of Supply Chain Management where we serve clients for all their rubber needs from purchase of raw materials, job works, urgent transportation of goods, payment support, addressing customer complaints, consultancy, etc.

Mission And Vision

LAKRISH'S main objective is to become a quality source for rubber requirements, and to establish an infrastructure that possess testing equipments, automated packing machines, a small scale production line for specialty certified rubber components.

With India being one of the biggest consumers of Rubber and Rubber Products, customers still find it difficult to source the exact custom specified products. We feel, LAKRISH, would be an ultimate solution for industries requiring customized rubber products. With professionals having experience of more than a decade in rubber industry, we were able to get in touch with different rubber product manufacturers, analyze their production capacity, testing facilities, their certified quality standards, their ability to fulfill customer requirements over these years.

Since there are numerous companies involved in producing rubber goods, LAKRISH will be a company which uses the resources that are well established, and all products will currently be outsourced for manufacturing and only inspection, packing, and delivery process be carried out at our facility.

It will be a LAKRISH Promise that customers will never end up with dissatisfaction. It is LAKRISH'S Responsibility that the customer gets the right product for which they paid for

Why US

  • Raw Material Sourcing

    • Raw Material supplying industries are affected greatly by the fluctuating prices in the Industry. Within a span of two months, the cost for supply needed for production varies affecting the price of the end product which in turn affects the end consumer. With our reliable sources of stockists, we would be able to source the needed quantity with not much of a change from the actual price from manufacturers and consumers.
  • Selecting Certified Manufacturers

    • All our manufacturers are Certified to meet quality standards and are capable of manufacturing quality products. We procure products from suppliers only after knowing their expertise in the industry. After going through the product requirement, application in which the product is used, we choose specific manufacturers who we know are able to give a quality output of that particular product.
  • New Product Development

    • Industry revolves around invention. Even though not all manufacturers have a separate department for NPD, we know suppliers who are more interested in developing a new product design. We assess and assist them from choosing the right compound, compounding methods, selecting the type of molding process, shelf life of the end product, and above all we ensure it meets industry standards and customer specifications. We put our efforts to pull up the exact outcome until the customer is satisfied with what they want.
  • Market Price Analysis

    • We all know market demand is directly proportional to price. Some manufactures may have exhausted with complete utilization while others would still have them in stock. As we have update of raw material stock with manufacturers, we are able to analyze the procurement involved in manufacturing a particular product which in turn let us price it effectively without compromising quality.
  • Manufacturing Bulk Supplies

    • With our database of manufacturers from supplying low quantity orders to bulk supplies, we procure products from manufacturers who are capable of producing even in bulk without affecting lead time, and if need be, two or more manufacturers are involved in doing the same component, and are dispatched to customer after inspecting.
  • Quality Control

    • A dedicated team of quality assurance managers and professionals work hard and smart to make sure there is no lapse in quality. Even though we outsource products for testing, we inspect for its dimensions and properties in-house.
  • Logistics - Pickup and Delivery Follow-Ups

    • Transportation plays a significant role in meeting the deadline. With contacts all over India with variable transport facilities and services, we keep the customer updated of the exact location their parcel has arrived and the time taken for them to be delivered at their factory. Even though we try to deliver products within the lead time, obstacles from natural calamities, etc., cannot be avoided. Customers are requested to bear with us in such cases. Our Automated services keeps you away from the burden of following us frequently.

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