Aerospace / Defense Industry

Rubber components are largely used in the aviation/aerospace industry. With an ability to withstand very high temperatures, make rubber parts suitable for use in aerospace applications. Many types of synthetic rubbers can withstand aggressive aerospace fluids like engine oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, oxidizers and propellants. Fabricated seals made of FKM, CSM Hypalon, etc. are used regularly in aircraft turbine engines, actuators, power units.

Rubber components such as Seals, Gaskets, Orings, Hoses, Covers are used in Power Units, Actuators, Gas Turbine Engines, Connectors, Pumps, Valves and Oil Reservoirs.

Chemical Industry

There are wide varieties of rubber products manufactured for Chemical Metering and Dispensing Equipment Applications. Components made of Special Compounds that are chemically inert to a high degree are used in connection with corrosive materials. Chemical acids like nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acids, etc., requires different grades of Rubber Compounds to withstand when in contact. Rubber is also attacked by rubber solvents like benzene, carbon disulfide, etc., which causes rubber swell.

Rubber components used in applications such as Urethane Foam Dispensing, Paint Spraying, Protectors, Adhesive Dispensing, Cooling, Crack Filling, Vacuum Filtration, Vacuum Stripping, etc.

Mining Industry

The most commonly used rubber product in this industry is the conveyor belt. Conveyor belts are used in applications in mines and quarries. Rubber belts include transport of materials like ore, stone, gravel, etc. Rubber hoses are also used widely. Rubber lined products are also used in the chemical and mining industries.

Rubber products such as rubber-lined strainers, rubber sheets, mounts, are developed to withstand materials like lignite, coal, ores, sand, etc., are used to withstand corrosion, abrasion, impact.

Petroleum Industry

Establishments engaged primarily in producing gasoline, residual fuel oils, distilled fuel oils, and lubricants through various processes. Oil and natural gas are used in equipments involved in everyday use. Synthetic rubber is produced by mixing different types of compounds and one of it being petroleum, the end products of rubber are used for various purposes in this industry.

Rubber products include seals for storage tanks, hydroelectric dams, hoses for loading oil, oil-resistant hose for petrochemical plants

Printing & Paper Industry

Rubber Rollers are the main rubber product used in this industry. Rubber covered rollers made up of metal, rubber bonding adhesive which is applied to the core, and also a rubber cover. The largest market for these rubber rollers is the printing industry.

Applications including paper-making, plastic film production, fabricating, metal coating, etc. In paper industry, the rubber rollers are used for squeezing water. Apart from rollers, other molded and extruded products are also to be considered.

Textile Industry

Calendered rubber sheets are used in textiles. Rubber products such as rollers, pressure hoses used in spinning machinery, rubber coating for screen coating applications, rubber molded components for various other applications.

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